Initial Consultation and Business Plan Review

Are You Ready To Get Started and Will Your Business Plan Work?

We have created a simple checklist to help you see if you are ready to start your nursing agency.

We will take you through that checklist on your initial consultation and give you a clear Yes or No.

If the checklist says Yes, your business plan is the first step on your journey to building a successful nursing agency.

We will review your business plan with you and highlight any areas that need to be refined or developed further or where your assumptions are unrealistic, before you sign up for your start up training. (And if you haven't got a business plan - don't worry! We'll help you create yours before the training!)

This means you will know that your plans are realistic and the kind of nursing agency business you are creating before you start to invest in your training.

Your business plan will then become a key document to track your progress and ensure that you are heading towards building a successful nursing agency and building the income you desire, and our promise is to continue to mentor you on an ongoing basis until you make your first profit.


Send in your business plan and I'll review it with you at my office or on the phone or on skype or whatsapp.

This is your opportunity to make your own nursing agency business real. Let's do it!

We'll support you on your whole journey from idea, through setup and launch into profit.

Email your business plan to or call 07478 053435.

Book Your Free Consultation and Business Plan Review Now

We’ll call you and take you through our checklist to see if starting a nursing agency is right for you.

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